29 Fantastic Dad Hats that will Make any Father Happy

Best Dad Hat Ideas

Does your Dad enjoy wearing hats all day, every day? Maybe he prefers to wear them when going golfing or going to the beach? Regardless of the reason behind your need, we know if you need Dad hat gift ideas, this is definitely the place! This curated list of over 20 gift ideas for the lovable father-figure in your life has brilliant ideas to get you started on the road to finding him the perfect hat. From quirky pizza-themed hats to useful camouflage hats, we’ve found just what you need.

29 Dad Hats that are Stylish and Unique

Best Dad Hats

Cool Pizza-Themed Hat

This six-panel hat is sure to make Dad laugh. The design is a simple embroidered piece of pepperoni pizza on a black background. Display his love for the greatest food on Earth and be prepared for him to laugh at the slight absurdity of how intricate the design appears. This gift for Dad is made with 100% cotton and comes with an adjustable headband, so it allows for a good amount of comfort and ease-of-use.

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Bright and Vibrant Obey Hat

Thinking of a gift that’s a bit more serious, but still light-hearted? Consider this bright yellow hat. The front of the piece has a black plaque with a simple picture of two bulls colliding, above a simple word: “Obey.” If your Dad is King of the house and enjoys a bit of dry humor, this is the Dad hat gift idea that will make him smile. The band of this ball cap is adjustable, which makes it great for lasting through the years.

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Cute and Simple Daddy Hat

A single word can make a man feel at home. For some men with small children, this word is “Daddy.” What better way to warm his heart than allow him to walk around, proudly displaying his nickname? This hat is available in a white, pink or black color. The pink color is a very light shade, lending people to believe that the wearer definitely has a little daughter who loves him dearly. To perk up his mood and remind him of how much he’s loved, consider this cute “Daddy” hat!

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Colorful Tommy’s Brand Ball Cap

This is a pure white Dad hat gift idea that is sure to help him shine. The brand of the maker is embroidered on the front of the cap, in varying shades of pink, orange, grey and dark blue; on the back, a small signature flag is placed above the headband. Tommy’s Brand jeans have a long history of satisfying customers with their durability and style, making this hat a great pick for a Dad who loves his favorite pair of jeans.

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Brilliant Wave God Nautical-Themed Hat

Simple yet beautiful, this Dad hat gift idea is a cute way to help him represent his love for the ocean. Available in two washed colors, blue and faded black, this hat displays a very simple three-wave design on the front and back. The Wave God hat is a lovely gift to give to the best father-figure in your life who loves to spend his free time on a kayak, canoe, surf board or jet ski. As an added bonus, this gift will satisfy those Dads who prefer to have a very low-key look to their wardrobe. This is also a great idea to gift if you’re celebrating his birthday at the beach!

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Cool Denim TV-Themed Dad Hat

This hat is perfect for your Dad, if he loves the hit TV show, Friends! This simple cap has the Friends logo as it appears on the title sequence of the show, and is a pale blue color. This hat would be great if your father like to watch reruns, or even if he’s just starting to watch the show! With the streaming services available today, Friends is available at the touch of a button. Allowing him to watch his favorite show while wearing this themed hat is sure to make him smile.

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Beautiful Red and Black Champion Dad Hat

Does your father figure enjoy a classic color theme? Does he love the color red? Consider this as a great gift: a scarlet red hat with a black Champion logo on the front. This hat will have him walking around town in style, with its classic silhouette and rich color scheme. If he wants something simple and loves the brand Champion, this hat would be a great gift for Dad.

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Fun White Fedora Dad Hat Gift Idea

This hat is a classic Fedora shape, and comes in a brilliant white color with a black band for added style. It is a unique gift because of the origin of the hat – it is handmade in Ecuador! Because of the high quality of the hat, this is not considered a cheap gift. So, if you need a gift for Dad that is upscale, perhaps for a wedding or other important event, consider this white Fedora hat! It would go perfectly with a long business suit or a classic tuxedo.

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Cute Shaka Hand Dad Hat

Thinking of something that will let Dad know how much you love him? Consider this gift idea of a Shaka hand embroidered Dad hat. The simple hat is a cute gift idea that will leave him with a warm feeling. This hat is a class six-paneled Dad hat, dyed green and embroidered on both the front and the back. If he needs a hat to go surfing, hiking or to the park, this is the gift for him!

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Mellow Yellow Dad Brand Hat

Dad Brand Apparel is a great place to go for your Dad gift hunting. This classic washed-mustard color hat is a wonderful gift to give those laid-back Dads out there. The front of the hat is embroidered with the Dad Brand Apparel logo in white, and stands out beautifully against the mellow yellow color. The shape is a classic ball cap silhouette, and comes with an adjustable band for comfort. If you need a truly chill hat for your Dad that’ll make him feel relaxed, consider this cute gift idea!

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Cute Kermit the Frog Dad Hat

If your Dad loves to laugh at puppet shows or thinks that frogs are fun, consider this themed hat! This cap is a solid black color, and has a frog drinking a beer embroidered on the front. So not only is this hat cute, it’s also fun! Dad sometimes needs to blow off a little steam at poker night with friends or at the beach. If you need a cheap gift to show him that you support him, this hat is the perfect gift to get him!

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Beautiful Relaxed Adidas Dad Hat

This hat is from the Adidas Originals collection, and is a great way to add a pop of color to Dad’s wardrobe. This ball cap has the white Adidas logo on the front, and is a solid yellow color. The Adidas Originals collection is meant to be for relaxation and style. So, if you’re looking for a gift that’ll add a bit of color to your Dad’s relaxation wardrobe, this hat is a great gift idea! For added comfort, it also comes with an adjustable band in the back, so he’ll be able to make it perfectly fit his head.

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Humorous Dad Hat Gift Idea with Pink

Thinking of a gift for Dad that’s a bit silly? This ball cap might be it! With a punchline print in pink on the front that reads, “I woke up like this,” this Dad hat gift idea is a great way to show him that he’s perfect even in the mornings. There is also a mix of white and black on the color of this cap, so the pink lettering is not too feminine. This cap is made from polyester and acrylic, which means that it is breathable and lightweight. Therefore, it makes a great day time outfit addition, and even also be worn when out at the park with kids.

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Cute Caramel Color Obey Dad Hat

If you need a Dad hat gift idea for the silly but also authoritative Dad, consider this striped hat from Pacsun brand. With diagonal white and caramel-colored stripes laid against a bright blue background, this hat is sure to please the fun Dad in your life. It is also considered a bucket hat, which makes this a great gift that can be used for outdoor fun. Bucket hats are often seen at the beach, on boats and anywhere that requires a bit of sun protection. If he needs a fun hat that’s also useful for those hot summer days, consider this Dad hat gift idea!

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Silly Hat from Dad Brand Apparel

This funny gift idea is sure to make him laugh! The front of this ball cap is embroidered with a ball cap, so just in case others don’t know that he loves hats, they’ll be informed twice! With a two-toned color theme of blue and tan, this Hat Hat is sure to make your Dad the life of the party. If anything, it’ll just turn a lot of heads with the absurdity of having a hat printed on another hat. If you need a gift that’ll make him laugh time and time again, consider this silly hat from Dad Brand Apparel.

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Classic Camouflage Dad Hat Gift Idea

If you have a Dad who is dedicated to camping, hunting or one of the armed services, this hat would be a great gift for him. The camouflage colors are in green, grey and black and the Champion logo is embroidered on the front. While not necessarily just for those who like hunting, camouflage has become a classic color scheme for a laid-back look. This is also considered a cheap gift idea, because you can snag it at under 20 dollars!

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Funny That’s What She Said Dad Hat

This silly hat from Urban Outfitters is perfect for those joke-telling Dads out there! Made with great craftsmanship, this black hat with white thread is sure to get him telling even more jokes. The embroidered text reads simply, “That’s What She Said.” It is reminiscent of those silly jokes from not so long ago, that are derived from the subtle innuendos in our language. This hat also comes with an adjustable strap and brushed copper strap-holder, for comfort and style. If you need a hat for a Dad who loves these types of jokes, this is the perfect fit!

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Classic Black Champion Dad Hat

If you’re looking for a very simple, classic ball cap for your Dad, this is it! In a solid black color and made from 100% cotton, this ball cap is perfect for a casual Dad hat gift idea. The brown-colored strap is adjustable and the end can be tucked into the back, making this hat a perfect fit for any sized head. In addition, the Champion logo is beautifully embroidered on the front, for added style. This is a great cheap gift idea that’ll add a pop of class to a casual outfit for Dad.

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Cool Five-Panel Pocket Dad Hat

In a cool green color, this pocket Dad hat is a unique gift idea for him. Because of the five-panel construction, this hat has a cool look and feel. In addition, there is a rim around the entire hat that is embroidered with a great symmetrical pattern. This pattern is accented by the washed green color of the hat, and makes it very stylish. If you need a good gift idea meant for a casual outing at the beach or in the woods, then this hat is a great pick for Dad.

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Interesting NASA Logo Baseball Hat

Does your Dad love all things science-related? Is he obsessed with NASA? Then this gift idea is perfect for him! In a brilliant white color and embroidered with a full-color red, white and blue NASA logo, this hat is a beautiful addition to his wardrobe. This Dad hat gift idea is built in the classic six-panel silhouette, made entirely from cotton canvas, and comes complete with an adjustable strap at the back. If your Dad is a total nerd, consider this gift idea from Urban Outfitters!

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Cool Bucket Hat from Chums Brand

Thinking of a hat that’s a bit more odd as a gift for Dad? Does your Dad love fishing or going out on the water? Then this is a great gift for him. This tan bucket hat from Chums brand includes a ring, for added adjustability and style. The ring is white and black striped, and includes the Chums logo as well. It is also easy to fold up, which makes this a great choice for those traveling Dads who don’t always have a lot of space to pack their wardrobe. If you need a great gift for Dad that includes comfort and functionality, then this gift is a perfect choice.

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Beautiful Tommy Jeans Flock Cap

This hat is a classic, beautiful black color, making it great for Dads who enjoy a bit of class with their casual wardrobe. Printed on the front, in white and red lettering, is the Tommy Jeans logo. If you’re looking for a gift idea for Dad that includes a touch of sophistication but also keeps things simple, consider this great hat from Tommy Jeans. It is sure to dress up his casual look with it’s beautiful pre-curved brim and structured crown.

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Quirky Cactus Dad Hat Gift Idea

Does your Dad enjoy the hot sun, or exploring the different kinds of plants out there? Or, does he simply just like cacti? This hat is for all of the above! Made with cotton and an adjustable strap, this six-paneled ball cap is a fun addition to Dad’s casual wardrobe. It comes in a brown color, with a small embroidered cactus on the front. If you need a cheap gift idea that’s a bit quirky, consider this Dad hat gift idea from Pacsun!

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Dramatic Fedora Hat Gift Idea

Thinking of gifting Dad something a bit extravagant? Does your Dad enjoy statement pieces in his wardrobe? Consider this wide-brimmed Fedora from Urban Outfitters. Made from wool and dyed white, this classic style is enhanced by the wide brim and a brown leather band detailing. If you need a great Dad hat gift idea that will never go out of style, consider this as the top gift for that category! He’s sure to fall in love with the look and feel of this classic, emboldened Fedora hat.

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Cute Twill Mesh Navy Ball Cap

Are you looking for a hat gift idea for Dad that will sustain him on those hot, summer days? Look no further than this mesh navy ball cap from Champion brand. Because of the plastic mesh detailing, this hat will provide the ultimate amount of comfort, keeping him cool on those sunny days. The Champion logo is also displayed on the front of the hat, on a blue background, making this hat look smooth and classy. Consider this a great gift idea for the Dad out there who needs a functional, stylish hat for summertime!

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29 Great Dad Hat Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Father

If you need a Dad hat gift idea for any time of the year, look no further than this curated list of hats! From the classic ball cap silhouette to the quirky Fedora to the fun bucket hat shape, we’ve found the top Dad hat gift ideas to get you on your way to finding the best present for him. Whether your Dad enjoys fishing, hiking, going to the park, or simply laughing at silly jokes, we’ve got you covered!

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