27 Unique Best Birthday Gifts for Friends with Eclectic Tastes

Birthday Gift Ideas for Friends

You want to make sure that you get the best birthday gifts for friends that let them know how special they are to you, but it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. By the time you are in your thirties, you tend to have an eclectic group of friends. From different interests, work obligations, family situations and temperaments, your friends represent a collection of all the pieces of your own personality. Finding unique gifts for such diverse individuals certainly presents challenges, but a heartfelt gift is memorable throughout the ages. This curated list of ideas for birthday presents shows you that you really can find a gift that captures the individuality of each of your friends.

27 Heartfelt Best Birthday Gifts for Friends with Spunk

Best Birthday Gifts for Friends

Relaxing Bath and Tea Gift Set

The Rose Blossom Spa Gift Set is perfect to help a mom friend in your life experience relaxation on her birthday. Your friend can enjoy rose-scented bath salt, a creamy soap, candles and an exfoliating sponge to help her forget about all the things she has to do. The tasty chocolate, organic tea, and coconut body balm provides a delicious end to her bath time. Item sizes are large enough for your friend to relive her relaxing day over again.

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Cute Mini Bookcase and Books

My Miniature Library is a cute reminder for your friend from book club of the stories that made her fall in love with reading. In this miniature bookcase set, she can actually read popular books from her childhood in miniature form. She can also put her own ideas for books down in ten blank miniature books in the set. If your friend has kids who also love to read books, this is a great craft for them to enjoy together.

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DIY Photo Album with Stencils

Let your friends protect their memories in style with the Our Adventure Photo Album. You could even fill it with your favorite photos from your last vacation or holiday together as an extra special birthday gift. The stencils included with the gift helps you tell the story of your friendship and make notes about your special occasion. If you are throwing a birthday party for a friend, you can include an instant photo station to let guests add memories as they happen.

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No. 2 Pencil Socks for Teachers

Give the teacher in your life a pair of fun No. 2 Pencil Socks for her birthday. The design looks just like a No. 2 pencil, with the top band of the sock as the eraser. Your friend could could pair these with Mary Jane shoes and a skirt or just keep her feet warm in her house on winter nights. These one-size socks fit women’s sizes six through ten, so you do not need to know her exact size.

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Futuristic Sound-activated Light Building Blocks

As the best birthday gift for the tech geek in your life, Sound-activated Light Blocks give a chance to have some fun building whatever shapes and designs come to mind. Sound, such as clapping, activates the colorful lights. After your friend creates a fun design, it can go on a table in a dim hallway or in the bathroom or kitchen to provide illumination at night. It comes with multiple colors so that she can keep creating different designs.

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Musical 100 Scratch-off Album Poster

Try the 100 Albums Bucket List Scratch-off Poster by Gift Republic for a great birthday present for your music loving friends. The poster comes with 100 scratch-off blocks that reveal album covers. Your friends can make a game of listening to each classic album and marking it off with a scratch on the poster. The poster covers a range of classic and well-known albums. Your friends could post it in an office or recreation room to spark a bit of fun.

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Frozen Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

If you have a friend who you can always find at the driving range or just enjoys a drink outdoors in the summer, then the Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers is the best birthday gift. All your friend needs to do is pop these chillers in the freezer for about four hours, and then they can substitute ice for these fun chillers. Instead of having a water-drowned drink at the next barbecue, your friend can sip that mojito for longer.

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Bamboo Beard Set for Him

With the Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men by Grow a Beard, you can treat your bearded friend to the best birthday gift for him. Using the two-sided bamboo comb, he can choose the right tooth width for his beard texture while helping to protect the planet by using biodegradable material. The bamboo and boar brush easily works in oil or balm into his beard. The comb is small enough to transport in his back pocket for touch ups.

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Up-cycled Apple Wood and Computer Sculpture

The Apple Byte Desktop Sculpture makes the best birthday gift to add art to the desk of a friend who works in the tech industry or perhaps just an aficionado of the tech world. Your friend can use this piece of art as a paperweight or stylish decoration. The sculpture features recyclable computer parts and sustainable wood for the eco-conscious. Each hand-crafted sculpture is different, so you can give a different apple to more than one of your friends.

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Portable Smartphone Cleaner with Sound

Best for the friend who always manages to misplace her phone in the oddest of places, the PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to clean bacteria from a smartphone while simultaneously charging it. Your friend can have clean her smartphone anytime she has access to a plug. The UV case still allows for sound so that your friend can still hear her phone ring, listen to music, or know when she gets a text while the device cleans her phone.

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Pink “Kiss Me” Table Light

For your friend who cannot watch too many romantic comedies, the pink “Kiss Me” light from Fizz Love adds a touch of fun to your friend’s nightstand or decorative table. The battery-operated light with stand means that your friend can enjoy her new light even away from an electrical outlet. She can use the light as part of a fun decorative pattern in her room or as a cute piece to add among her collection of wedding albums and frames.

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Fan Pro Football Stadium Art

Let your friends coalesce around their favorite football team with Football Stadium Art. You can select from any team in the National Football League so that your friends can show their support with pride. Each piece of art features a depiction of a football stadium and a team logo. Your friends can keep it by the wet bar to show off for game-day parties. The high frame and glass are solid enough to use as a tray on the bar.

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Designer Leather Double Hip Flask

Give the best birthday gift for your friends to use on the day of their birthday or for an upcoming wedding or party by giving them the Ted Baker Double Dip Flask. Your friends can use one side of the two separate compartments for the liquor of their choice and the other side of the flask for a mixer. The soft leather and stylish design typical of Ted Baker designs makes this a great birthday gift for him or for her.

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Red Mexican Wrestling Bottle Opener

Buy the Kikkerland Wrestler Bottle Opener as a funny gift for a friend who loves to debate or just a fan of Mexican wrestling. With the red, side-leaning, rubber wrestler as the handle, your friend can get a tight and comfortable grip. The steel opener can open any bottle. They can leave it out on a table with other odds and ends as a reminder of a fun trip to Mexico you two had or just a wacky birthday gift.

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Handy Makeup Mirror with Memory Lighting

Give your flawless looking friend a handy mirror to help her maintain her look and get a new look. The Waneway 12-inch Screen Makeup Mirror has natural LED lighting for your friend to achieve a seamless appearance. Enabling a specific memory function allows your friend to set the lighting to best fit her needs and turn on the device again with the same light coverage, so she does not need to keep resetting the mirror to find the perfect light.

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Crafty Leather Journal and Pen

Pick up the Leather Journal Gift Set by Moonster for the best birthday gift for friends with an introspective spirit. Let them get their ideas on paper using the all-cotton paper and silver pen. The soft leather gives binding the journal hand-crafted charm. Encourage your friends to use it to write down ideas, keep up with their to-do lists, or even create sketches. The lightweight feel makes the journal easy to throw into a bag and bring anywhere inspiration hits.

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Wall Mounted Real Ski Bottle Opener

The Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener is the best birthday gift for friends who enjoy skiing or simply appreciate a fun way to open a beer. The hand-crafted bottle opener can go on the wall or the refrigerator, as the kit contains wall mounting equipment and a powerful magnet. Your friend can use the Velcro to attach a decorative can that catches bottle lids. Each piece comes from a different recycled ski to make this birthday gift truly unique.

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Pink Disney Steel Water Bottle

Everyone has at least one friend who still loves Disney movies. Buy the Metal Drink Bottle from Typo and Disney for friends with a penchant for fairy tales. Since the composition is steel, your friend can enjoy a bottle that maintains drink temperatures for longer than plastic bottles. The durability of the bottle can stand up to dishwashers or a long day at Disney World alike. Even though the bottle is steel, the slender size makes it easy to transport.

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Quick and Easy Cotton Candy Machine

Make a birthday into a carnival by giving the best birthday gift for friends with a sweet tooth. The Fizz Candy Floss Maker lets your friends enjoy tasty cotton candy at home. The machine is fast and easy to use. All you need to do is throw in some sugar, wait, and then use a floss stick to start gathering up your treat. This is a gift you are sure to see your friends actually use for parties and celebrations.

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Original Wonder Woman DVD Set

Give your friends a girl power boost for their birthday gift with the DVD set of the original Wonder Woman: Complete Collection. Make sure your gal pals know howrong and courageous you think they really are with the ultimate hero, Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Go back in time when a strong, hero on television was never a woman. This ground-breaking show will surely remind your friends what they can achieve. Just try not to binge all eleven disks.

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Pink Happy Hour Drink Bottle

To get the best birthday gift for friends who know the best happy hour menus around town, try the Typo One Liter Happy Hour Drink Bottle. Although your friends certainly can use it as just a water bottle, there is no need to keep things alcohol-free. This bottle has an effective leak-free lid, so they can feel free to mix up their favorite drinks. The design on the bottle serves as a reminder to kick back and enjoy happy hour.

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Colorful Nightlight and Alarm with Bluetooth

The Celcube Nightlight Bluetooth Speaker is the best birthday gift for friends needing a soothing lull to sleep. The color from the top of the cube provides a soft light with touch sensor capabilities to easily turn it on and off on the way back to bed. They can also connect phones through Bluetooth technology to listen to music or a calming meditation. The built-in alarm clock makes sure your friends can get up on time after drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

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Wooden Desk Organizer with Smartphone Stand

While many people could use a bit more organization in their lives, the Wooden Docking Station is the best birthday gift for friends that especially seem to always lose their keys or forget their phones. This stylish desk organizer is small enough to fit an entryway table or nightstand, but it has storage for everything they need before they leave the house. The smartphone stand and coaster make the organizer functional for falling asleep next to an alarm and having a place for morning coffee.

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Mojito Molecular Mixology Bar Set

When you know someone whose bartender skills are ready for an upgrade, the Molecular Mixology Kit – Mojito Set is the best birthday gift for friends. Let your friends wow party guests with molecular gastronomy. The kit has enough ingredients to make 300 drinks. Instead of mint leaves, your friends can make caviar-style or foam herbs to decorate and flavor drinks. Truly for friends who like to experiment, this gift even lets your friends serve an entire mojito in bubble form.

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Small Rainbow Cloud Weather Rug

The Rainbow Cloud Rug by Sass and Belle is the best birthday gift for friends if they always see the positive side of life. This small rainbow-shaped rug adds a bit of color and positivity to any room. Your friends can use it to add color in front of a bedroom closet, in a kid’s room, or by the bed in any bedroom. The absorbency of the rug also means your friends can throw it in the bathroom or kitchen.

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Travel Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag

If you are looking for the right present for the serious traveler in your life, then try the Hanging Toiletry Bag by Vetelli to find the best birthday gift for friends. The bag is functional, stylish and durable. The inside of the bag contains zipper and button compartments lined with canvas and a leather finish. Your friends can use this as a personal item for airplane travel and hang it easily in the bathroom or hotel room for convenient organizing.

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Hello There White Cat Mug

The Hello There Mug by Manki is the best birthday gift for friends who must have a morning tea or coffee. Add a little fun to your friend’s morning with this wide-mouth mug harboring a surprise inside – a porcelain cat waving hello. On the exterior of the whit mug your friend finds a message from the cat in black lettering. As a conversation starter at the home or the office, this adorable mug can truly perk up anyone’s morning drink.

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27 Unique and Best Birthday Gifts for Friends

It can be difficult to find a unique gift for your friends, but these best birthday gifts for friends show you took the time to find a present that truly reflects their individual personalities. From candy makers to decorations and travel accessories, this list shows you that you can find a creative gift for a friend that shows how much you appreciate them.

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