29 of the Best Baking Gifts for Friends and Family

Best baking Gift Ideas

If you have a friend or family member who loves spending time in the kitchen, then this list of the 29 best baking gifts is going to be a big help for their next special occasion. Whether or not you are also a baker, it can be difficult to find a gift for that special someone. You have a good start, you know you want to get something to encourage them in their baking hobby, but what to get is the big question.

Spend some time going over this awesome list of baking gift ideas, and you will certainly come out the other end with a fun gift that they can enjoy while participating in their favorite hobby.

29 of the Absolute Best Baking Gifts for the Baker in Your Life

Best baking Gifts

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet is a fun and simple nod to a friend’s cupcake obsession. Whether they prefer baking them or eating them, every baker loves cupcakes. This cuff keeps it simple with a clean metallic look and a simple black stamped design. You get to choose between bronze, aluminum, and copper, so think about the color that best suits your friend and their wardrobe. These bracelets are also stackable with other similar designed pieces, which could come in handy at their next special occasion.

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Delicious Dessert and Baking Salt Set

A good gift for bakers is something that they may not have thought of themselves. This salt set is a unique gift idea for bakers since salts would often be seen as more of a cooking gift. However, salts are a super important part of baking, and the baker in your life will be surprised and very pleased by the thoughtfulness of this baking gift. Just hope they let you sample the amazing sweet and savory treats they make.

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Super Cool Customized Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is one of the best baking gifts. It is not only an awesome present, but for a baker, a rolling pin makes for such a useful gift. This one-of-a-kind rolling pin is embossed with whatever design you choose and can be funny, cute, cool, or something in between. Some fun ideas for the embossment are to use their face, their favorite baked treat, or maybe their favorite animal. Go crazy and make this a present baking gift to be remembered.

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Personalized Baked Goods Baking Tin

This metal baking and storage tin is a good gift idea for bakers. It can be a struggle to find just the right thing for cooking, storing, or transporting your delectable delicacies, and this tin is exactly the right vessel since it does all three in one. It also includes a warm and welcoming message letting everyone know that the treats inside were baked with love. Being able to cook and carry your treats in the same tin is such a fun and surprising feature.

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For the Baker Who Likes Treats, Too

Most every baker enjoys being treated sometimes. It is fun to bake their own goodies, but occasionally eating cookies made by someone else can be a special experience. This delicious deluxe crate of desserts from Mrs. Fields is one of the best baking gifts. It tops the charts with offerings of muffins, cookies, popcorn, brownies, along with other goodies. This is one delicious and delectable great gift idea. Just make sure you stick around to help them get through this box of treats weighing in at over two pounds.

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Seasoned With Love Kitchen Accessories

This is a perfect gift idea for bakers and for gift givers. With multiple items to choose from, you can mix and match your favorites or just buy that one special item that stands out to you. Options include wood or glass cutting boards, an apron, and a baking pan. Any baker would be happy to receive one or more of these delightful gifts for bakers. Another awesome feature is that all of these options are good unisex gift ideas.

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A Whisk with a Personal Touch

If you want to get something nice for the baker in your life but are also on the lookout for a cheap gift idea, this whisk is perfect. It may be small, but a whisk is an essential kitchen tool that they will use often. Adding their name to the handle elevates this to make it one of the best baking gifts. You can use their given name or spice it up with a funny nickname.

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Who Need More Than Love and Pie?

If your friend loves to bake delicious pies for holidays, birthdays, or really any occasion, this sign is a must have for their kitchen. Measuring only 7.25 x 12 inches, as far as home décor goes, it is a perfect small gift idea. If your friend is less into pies and more into baking cake, cheesecake, donuts, or just sweet treats in general, you can easily modify the sign. Be sure to choose a color palette that matches their décor.

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Funny and Cute Customer Baker Portrait

This gift is good for any baker, but it is an especially good baking gift for a professional baker or pastry chef. Gifts for bakers are usually tools or equipment that they can use in the kitchen, but this individualized print is a super unique gift idea that they will totally love. A cartoon style print may be an unusual gift for many, but if your friend has a good sense of humor and enjoys fun wall art, it is one of the best baking gifts imaginable.

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One-of-a-Kind Personalized Baking Apron

An apron is always one of the best baking gift ideas. Most bakers love to have different apron options so that that they are ready to go if one is dirty, and it is sometimes just fun to mix it up. This apron is customizable in fabric color and lettering color, and you can even personalize exactly what it says to make it super special for your friend. If you have been searching for something that you know they will love, then look no further.

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Roll Top Customized Bread Box

Most people think of the cooking process when coming up with gifts for bakers. However, what to do with those delicious breads and treats after they are baked is just as important. This super easy-to-use roll top bread box is sleek and stylish. It will blend in well with any modern kitchen and can be customized to reflect the baker or their family name. This is just right for the baker who loves to bake fresh breads and rolls.

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Classy Brass Measuring Spoon Set

A great cooking gift that bakers and chefs alike can appreciate is a fresh beautiful set of measuring spoons. The unique material that these spoons are made of make them a super hip and cool present and will look great displayed in any baker’s kitchen. No way will they hide these beautiful tools away in a drawer. With a looped and hammered handle, these are sleek, unique, and a great addition to your friend’s baking tool box.

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Bakers Gonna Bake Cutting Board

Available in two different sizes, this cutting board can come plain or customized depending on what you think your friend would like best. One of the best baking gifts, a cutting board is such a useful tool, and a beautiful cutting board is especially nice to have on hand when you want to serve bread or cakes directly on top of it. Go for a big bold look for that friend who likes to make a statement, or keep it simple for a more reserved baker.

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Two-in-One Pie Tin for the Indecisive Baker

Deciding what kind of pie to make can be hard. Do you go with chocolate or fruit? Cream or fresh berries? Apple or cherry? Help make your friend’s decisions in the kitchen just a little easier with this super cool gift. This pie tin is split in two so that you can bake two totally separate half pies at the same time. This clever and unusual gift will help them make everyone happy and not have to worry about tons of leftovers to store.

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Totally Awesome Vintage Baking Wall Art

These amazing, scientific, and retro-feeling prints make a great gift for that hip baker in your life. Gift ideas that take a friend’s interest and look at it from a different angle are so fun, creative, and always appreciated. These prints come in so many shapes and sizes that you are sure to find the right fit for your friend’s home, apartment, or commercial kitchen. Be sure to find some nice frames to give the gift a finished look.

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Super Cute Baking Magnet Set

These magnets take your friend’s favorite hobby and print it onto 13 playful magnets. Available in five colors, there is surely a design out there that is just right for your friend. While 12 of the magnets are 1 inch in diameter, there is one larger 2.25-inch magnet that features a rolling pin (the ultimate baking accessory) and your friend’s name. This is a fun gift for that friend who works in an office but dreams about their days in the kitchen.

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Cool Typewriter-Style Baking Quotes

This is one of the best baking gifts. It looks cool, it embraces wholeheartedly the baking lifestyle, and it isn’t too expensive. This typewriter style font and square orientation give this a hip boxy look, and with its simplicity, it can go in any home. A few of the fun and clever quotes included are, “As long as you know how to bake, life is sure to be sweet” and “Where there’s a whisk there’s a way.”

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Funny Oh Crepe Kitchen Apron

An apron is such a useful gift. Not only are you protecting your friend’s fabulous clothes, but you are providing them with a new awesome fashion accessory. Anyone who bakes can sometimes feel like they live in their apron, so this quirky and cool gift gives them a playful and brightly colored option when deciding which apron is best for the day’s baking endeavors. And the large easy-to-access front pocket just takes it over the top.

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Beautiful Chalk Board Bakery Art

There is something about chalk boards that tie perfectly with baked goods. Perhaps it’s the while chalk that resembles flour, or maybe it’s the downhome feel. Whatever it is, gift ideas that incorporate chalk art make for creative and lovely pieces. This particular piece embraces all things baking, even the slightly messy powdery feel that you get when you’re doing 100 things at once in the kitchen. This piece would look great in a bakery or in a home kitchen.

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Mini Tea Light Fondue Kit

The best cheap gift idea is one that still feels expensive. This tea light fondue kit has the elevated charm of fondue with the simplicity of a basic tea candle, making it a great gift idea. Ideal for that classic French Brie cheese, this container will keep your cheese melty for an hour. It is the perfect gift for the bread baker in your life who is looking for fun things to dip their delicious loaves into.

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Set of Three Ecofriendly Nesting Bowls

Made from plant-based materials, these mixing bowls are not only functional but environmentally friendly. They are made from 100% natural materials that will compost within two years and are available in three different color sets. These bowls are simple to store and easy to use, with clearly marked measuring lines and simple pouring spouts. These bowls make baking just a bit easier and environmentally conscious, making them one of the best baking gifts.

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All-American Classic Stoneware Pie Dish

A pie dish is a classic cooking gift that is always welcome, easy to store, and super useful. If you have noticed your friend bringing her delicious pies along in flimsy disposable pie tins, this gift is the perfect way to let her know how much you appreciate her craft. It also gives them something they can reuse for years to come. Be sure to add a special inscription along the side so everyone knows who made the most delicious pie.

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Sweet and Simple Baker’s Charm Bracelet

Jewelry is such a smart small gift idea. This charm bracelet lives up to its name, as it is absolutely charming. Featuring four fantastic baking-themed charms, this is a sweet and subtle way for them to show off their passion without having to wear an apron out and about. This cool present will look good on their wrist for years to come, and if you like, you can always get them a few more charms for their next special day.

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Personalized Ceramic Casserole Baking Dishes

With three classic colors to choose from, this casserole baking dish is one of the best baking gift ideas. Casserole dishes are incredibly versatile and useful in the kitchen for both baking and cooking. This is also a great gift to size up or down since you can buy them a whole set, one of each color, or keep it simple with just one dish. Since they are safe for the dishwasher, oven, and microwave, they are also a present that is easy to care for.

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Adorable Personalized Children’s Baking Set

If the best baker in your life happens to also be a youngster, this mini baking set is a great gift idea. This set comes with five unique pieces that each feature something special for your little buddy. A clever rolling pin has their name printed backwards so that it rolls out spelled correctly on their dough, and the adorable wooden spoon bears a simple initial. They are going to love this gift and will want to you help them bake something yummy right away.

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Literary-Inspired Baker Street Candle

Sometimes the best baking gifts incorporate a little something else, too. This literary candle references the home of everyone’s favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes, which just happens to lie on Baker Street. This makes for a fun way to pay homage to any friend who loves to read and also loves to bake. The candle smells of a mix of paper, rain, tobacco, green tea, and wood, making for a beautiful scent that will inspire them to make their next batch of crumpets.

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Clean and Beautiful Illustrated Baking Poster

This cartoony and adorable style of art is a great way to display your love of the kitchen on any wall. Including herbs, breads, and the classic rolling pin, this poster touches on so many baking staples and maintains a simplistic and classic look. Order this print for a friend you know is looking for some baking-inspired wall art, and be sure to get them a beautiful frame to go with it, perhaps in a bright accent red.

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Customizable Wooden Recipe and Cooking Journal

A good gift for any baker, this recipe book will help them keep all their tips and secrets straight and never have to go digging through drawers or scouring the internet again. Made of lovely wood and leather with a beautiful personalized engraving on the front, this lovely gift is one your friend is sure to cherish. If you are feeling bold, you could even include your favorite recipe or two to get them started.

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Gorgeous Monogram Carved Walnut Serving Board

This unique handcrafted serving board is a great gift for that friend who has to set their beautiful treats out on plain plates but deserves something more personalized and fancy. They will be able to use this flat 18 x 13-inch board for cupcakes, breads, and any other treat they could come up with. Also, the monogramed center gives them a personal stamp on all their lovely creations they serve up on this wonderful board.

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29 of the Best Baking Gifts for any Special Occasion

There are so many great ideas for gifts for friends who love to bake. Since cooking and baking are not gender- or age- specific, there are plenty of great ageless and unisex gift ideas. Find something that strikes you as a special or unique gift idea, and don’t forget to include a card letting them know how much you have always appreciated all their tasty treats.

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