29 Adorable and Ridiculously Useful Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Baby Girl Gift Ideas

There is nothing more exciting than preparing to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world and searching for cute baby girl gifts to celebrate the occasion. Whether the new baby is yours, a first grandbaby or your second cousin’s fourth child, it is exciting and fun to buy baby girl presents that the new parents (and baby) will love. When the new baby is to be a girl, the gift-giving gets even more exciting because there are endless adorable and wonderful newborn baby gifts on the market today for baby girls. Boy babies, don’t despair, as may of the items are perfect unisex gift ideas for a baby shower present. Below, we have 29 baby girl presents to give new parents when they are anxiously awaiting their pink-swaddled bundle of joy.

29 Super-Cute and Expertly Curated Baby Shower Present Ideas For A Baby Girl

Baby Girl Gifts

Purple Monkey in a Green Car Goes Vroom

Help baby develop her fine motor skills with this adorable green car with a cute purple monkey driver. This car is perfect for babies nine months and up who need to practice using fine motor skills like pressing, pulling, and pushing. When they engage with the car, it lights up and teaches baby about shapes and the color green. This affordable learning toy only requires one AAA battery and zero set up. The new baby girl will love learning with this good gift. What a cool present to give!

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Make Sleepy Time Serene With Sleepy Bear

This polar bear-themed sleep mobile is a perfect gift for any sleep-deprived parent. Sleep is essential for both baby and parent, so help them achieve that with the soothing sounds of this timed mobile. Songs and even sound effects will help lull baby to sleep, along with a mesmerizing light show that will have them counting polar bears in no time. Timers and a remote control prevent any disturbance to the falling asleep process. This mobile is a useful gift option for baby and parent.

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Soft-Sided Activity Gym That Will Keep Baby Amused For Hours

The colorful theme of this activity gym and its engaging ball activities will give the new parents a moment to themselves as their baby is easily kept amused. Not only is this an excellent place for baby when the parents want to sit down and take a breath, but this activity gym also helps promote fine and gross motor skills that every infant needs to develop. For ease of storage and set up, this activity gym easily folds away and can be set up quickly. The new parents will be eternally grateful to any gift-giver who presents them with this great toy.

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Adorable Fleece and Floral Rabbit Coat

One of the cutest baby girl presents listed here. This handmade fleece and fabric-lined coat decked out with rabbit ears is the perfect gift for any new baby girl. With sizes fitting 0-6, this coat can be gifted to a well-deserving girl from infancy to six years of age. Not only will your tiny baby look adorable as a rabbit, but your ‘terrible twos’ toddler will also too and, thank goodness for them. This coat can be ordered in mustard yellow, orange, teal or gray fleece with a choice of different gingham, floral, stripes and polka dot patterns for the lining. What a useful and unique gift idea.

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Busy Bees Push & Spin For Sensory Learning

Inside this unusual gift, are playful bees and even a dripping honey effect that will have your baby excited to play and learn. Not only does this unique and colorful toy look good in the toy box or on a shelf, but it also helps promote coordination and development of baby’s senses. Additionally, your baby or toddler will learn about cause and effect while being delighted by this top toy. Don’t miss out on one of the cutest baby girl presents on the market!

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Personalized Fabric Heart Straight From the Heart

Handmade and personalized is a total gift win. This adorable heart can be customized for a baby’s christening or birth. With 25 choices for fabric, this small gift idea is sure to please even the pickiest of parents. The heart is clad with the baby’s name and day of birth or christening. At the bottom of the heart is the sweet quote, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” This heart is a unique choice for a baby girl’s gift.

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Help Mold a Music Genius With This Useful Gift

This gorgeously colored piano popping toy is not only pretty but a great learning opportunity for any infant or toddler. When baby presses on the keys, they are treated to fun noises like whistles and bells. Not only do they get to make sweet baby music, but when the keys are pressed, a star is popped out of the corresponding tube. This piano is an adorable toy that will delight your child’s senses. An added plus is the choice to purchase batteries and gift bag right on the same site.

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My Friend Emily Will Be Her Favorite First Friend

This adorable baby doll has more than just good looks going for her; she also facilitates learning. The best kind of friend your baby could ever have is one that helps her learn about colors, textures, and patterns. Emily has a satisfyingly crinkly hat, rattle necklace, and a fun fabric dress full of different textures. She also has a handy clip that can easily keep Emily attached to a stroller, bag, or car seat. Any baby receiving Emily will be happy and amused for hours. This baby girl present is cool gift option.

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Keep Baby Girl’s Pacifier Close By With This Adorable Clip

A dummy/pacifier clip is a perfect gift for a new baby. Any new parent will know that dummies/pacifiers are lifesavers at times. Anyone getting a baby girl gift for a new baby knows that pacifier clips are right up there with the actual pacifiers themselves. You can personalize or keep this gorgeous handmade clip simple. If you choose a personalized look, the clip can be adorned with block letters that spell out the baby’s name. This clip is a simple but unique gift idea. Don’t miss out on a great baby girl present.

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This Activity Jumper is Baby Toy Goals

The lucky baby girl to receive this adorable Minnie Mouse jumper will be the envy of all the other babies on the block. The bright, but trendy colors and patterns on this jumper won’t clash too much with the look of the living area, which will make Mom and Dad happy. The fun peek-a-boo mirror, ball spin, and other doo-dads will keep baby happy. This gift idea will excite the whole family and will be perfect for any baby who is ready to sit up and explore the world around her. Don’t miss out on one of the cutest baby girl presents on this list!

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A Funny Yellow Duck in Blue Pajamas

How adorable is this guy? Not only will all the adults at the party love this guy, so will the guest of honor-baby. With a bright yellow beak and a plush blue body, your baby will love squeezing and squishing her new friend. The fun yellow and blue pajamas are so adorable, you will want matching ones for you and baby. This duck is so cute that he can’t be passed up as a small gift idea for any new baby.

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A Bear, A Rabbit, and A Cat Walk Into a Nursery

These prints are just too darn cute! The soft mint, gray, and pink colors will perfectly complement a nursey with the same color scheme or will add a pop of color to a plain-colored room. The animal characters are so sweet and irresistibly adorable that as baby grows, she will love to see them every day (along with Mom and Dad). The great thing about prints is you can purchase them and then put them in a frame of your choosing or let the recipient choose their frame of choice! Don’t pass up this baby girl present and great gift idea.

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Elmo On the Go Makes a Great Gift

What could be better than Sesame Street’s Elmo? Well, that would be an Elmo who’s ready to be taken on the go. Car rides and long stroller walks are made bearable for baby with this fantastic, funny Elmo toy. On top of the given cuteness of plain Elmo, this toy has him outfitted with a mirror and various teething choices for when your baby needs to work their sore gums. Elmo is a solid unisex gift idea for any baby in your life.

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Your Shape Sorter Sorted

The classic shape sorter toy is made more relevant with this cute cat shape and colorful design. The lucky baby who is gifted this fantastic toy will enjoy endless hours of learning and fun. Perhaps, one of the best elements of this great gift is its portability. The cat shape folds down into a compact form and size that is small enough to fit in a bag. The shapes fit neatly inside for an on-the-go toy perfect for every baby. Pick up this baby girl present today!

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Personalized Spoons For Making Feeding Time Enjoyable

All the new moms at the baby shower will covet these gorgeous spoons. The peach and light purple colors of the spoons are perfect baby girl colors. The font options, along with the delicate heart at the bottom of the handle, make these a really fun and unique gift for baby girl. The seller will even package them in a gorgeous box to make gift wrapping easy. Get these for the new parent in your life, and they will have a hard time waiting for their baby to be old enough to use them!

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Personalized Wood Puzzle Gift

This adorable customized wood puzzle is so sweet. The soft, pastel colors of the letters are just gorgeous, and the shape with the cutout heart make this an instant gift win. Even better, you can customize the shape and can choose from a butterfly, crown, flower, teddy bear, house, star, or elephant. The customization and personalization of this puzzle make it a breeze to choose just the right gift that will match the nursery theme and personality. This puzzle is a timeless and awesome gift option.

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A Book of Love Starring the New Baby

This gift option is perhaps one of the coolest personalized options on this list. Not only does the new baby get to have a starring role in this well put together book with a beautiful message, but so does up to ten of her family members. Additionally, the story gets to take place in her town or in any location that has a special meaning to the family. Along with customizing the names of the characters, you can also choose the type of book cover and gift wrap. Adults and children alike will love the beautiful illustrations and story in this unique book for years to come. If you want to ‘wow’ at the baby shower, this is a fun gift to buy.

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Shake, Rattle, and Roll, Baby

Another beautiful customized item, this wood rattle and teether are just gorgeous. The wood and pink silicone shapes make for a stunning work of art that almost is too precious for baby’s slobber. The best part of this handmade gift is that the new baby’s name can be spelled out in adorable block letters. The reviews are positive and say this item ships quickly. This rattle is a fun gift, and a great baby girl present for any new babe.

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A Teether That is Kind to Baby’s Gums and the Environment

This wood teether is a sustainable choice for the new mom, who is environmentally conscious. Not only is this a wise option for the earth, but the baby will also love to use it to soothe her sore gums. The adorable plush teddy bear that is attached is the cutest, and this makes for another sensory option for the baby. If you love the design of the bear, you can purchase a larger matching teddy bear. These are great and different gift ideas for a well-deserving new babe.

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Teach Baby Her First Chore in Style

You can personalize this beautiful handmade cloud décor with a name and quote. What better way to teach your toddler to be independent and responsible than with this adorable cloud with three hooks? With a trendy and well-thought-out, attractive design, this is an unique way to personalize a gift for baby girl. This is a really cool present to give.

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Give Her the Moon and Stars

These expertly crafted, handmade moon and stars are so sweet and chic, how can you resist? If the new baby in your life has a moon and stars theme in their nursery, these adorable pillows belong there. The soft white lets the rose gold glitter pop. The sweet faces are the gorgeous finishing touches on these must-have pillows.

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These Boots Were Made For Crawling

How can the new adorable little girl in your life not have these in her wardrobe? She may have too many clothes and shoes already, but she doesn’t have these yet, and we can’t have that. She needs this baby girl gift, stat. The pink and gray colors look gorgeous together. The fur accent elevates the expert crocheting from cute to fabulous. These bad boys have great reviews, so what are you waiting for, gift giver? Pick up this good gift idea today!

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Must-Have Striped Stroller Wrap

Everyone knows that baby needs to be kept occupied in the stroller. What better way to do that than with this super cute wrap? The black and white stripe looks trendy and will match any stroller. The fun pops of color will attract and amuse your baby while the errands get done. An adorable fish takes center stage in the middle, while two different and fun rings, that baby can pull, twist, and shake, are in the perfect position for both hands. This wrap is a winning cheap gift idea.

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Genius Impressionist Art

This unusual gift will be a hit at the baby shower. These stackable shapes spin and stay stacked in such an interesting, almost mesmerizing way. The brightly colored weighted pieces will keep baby entertained and learning for hours. Each piece, made of soft, irresistible plastic, will be gentle on baby’s teeth. This pretty cheap gift idea will even entertain the adults at the party. We call that a baby girl presents win!

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Penguins Love the Water and So Will Baby

Help your new baby love the water with this adorable penguin bath toy. Keep your wiggly little girl busy while you shampoo her hair with the fun features on this bright blue penguin. Baby can fill, pour, and dump to her heart’s content while she gets washed and squeaky clean. This is a great gift idea for anyone anxious about bath time with the baby. Buy one of the best baby girl presents on the list before they sell out!

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Some Bunny Loves Her

This impossibly adorable bunny pillow that can be customized will be a hit the baby shower and at bedtime. The soft white color of the pillow allows the pretty colors of the rabbit to pop. A gorgeous, cursive print can spell out the name of the new baby girl in your life. Conveniently, there is an option to have the pillow filling included so that you can buy, receive, and give easily. This pillow is a good gift for baby girl.

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Blinged Out Baby

Give a newborn baby gift that can be kept and loved forever. This beautiful engraved bracelet is truly a special gift for a special new baby girl. Choose from rose gold, sterling silver, or gold. You can customize the personalized message on the inside of the bracelet for a peek-a-boo message of love. This jewelry piece is a cool gift to give that fashionista-to-be. Be the cool auntie who gives one of the best baby girl presents at the baby shower.

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29 Cool Gift Ideas for A Girl Baby

When it’s time to spoil a new baby in your life, the above baby girl present suggestions and newborn baby gift options are great and a surefire way to make baby and parent alike happy. Even if you are expecting a new boy in the family, there are plenty of unisex gift ideas above. Whether you have a strict budget or the sky’s the limit, you will find a just-right gift in this comprehensive list of perfectly curated baby girl gifts. Don’t wait a moment longer, and pick out your baby shower present today!

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