29 Unique Gifts for Artists to Inspire Creativity

Gift Ideas for Artists

If you love to give truly inspiring gifts to others, then check out these unique gifts for artists! This collection is absolutely outstanding. There are great gifts for beginning artists such as sketch books, paint markers and a fabulous all-in-one artist kit. Maybe the artist in your life has all of the tools they need. We have the perfect gifts for them as well. They can show the world that they are artists by wearing the exclusive artist t-shirt, artist masterpiece socks or silver origami animal necklace. Perhaps you would just like to give some inspiration? There is a wonderful book about the lives and works of famous artists. Some of the gifts are actual works of art themselves, such as the hand-thrown pottery water cup for painters. There are so many outstanding gifts to choose from. Read on to find out about these one-of-a-kind gifts to give to your favorite artist.

29 Creative Gifts for Artists That Will Spark Their Imagination

Gifts for Artists

Sterling Silver Paint Palette Pendant with Chain

This gorgeous sterling silver pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry to compliment any painter’s outfit. The unique design consists of a sterling silver paint palette with two brushes. Included are six multi-colored Baltic amber stones to represent the paints on the palette. The combination of the rhodium plated, high-shine polish along with the colorful stones makes this pendant the perfect gift for a painter. A free 18” sterling silver chain necklace is included with the purchase of the pendant.

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Hand-Thrown Stoneware Sewing Caddy

This sewing caddy is one of a kind! It is hand-thrown stoneware clay made into the shape of the large thread spool. A fabric-covered pin cushion adorns the top of the spool. Surrounding the pic cushion is an area to gather loose bobbins or other sewing notions. There is also a built-in holder for scissors. The entire top is also a removable lid that reveals extra storage. This caddy is not only functional, but it is also an eye-catching piece of art!

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Handmade Stoneware Watercolor Painter’s Cup

This beautiful and functional painter’s cup is hand-thrown in Brooklyn, New York. It is made from white stoneware and glazed with gorgeous flecks of color. The most unique feature of this piece is the brush rest, two notches that are carved out of the rim to give the painter a place to set the brush. This keeps it from soaking in the water or crumpling the bristles. Any painter would appreciate this exclusive design that provides both beauty and function!

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Artist’s Leather Roll for Tools

This hand-crafted leather tool roll is the perfect gift for any artist because it is so versatile! There are various sized pockets to help accommodate all the needs of an artist on-the-go. It holds paint brushes, pencils, markers, blending sticks or small tools such as scissors or a protractor. A flap comes down to protect the tops of the tools. It rolls closed and can be secured with the attached strap. It can even be personalized with a name or initials!

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Artist Definition Comfy Cotton T-Shirt

The definition of an artist, simply stated, on this t-shirt will let everyone know who the creative one is in the room. This white t-shirt with black print is made with 100% cotton so it breathes and is super comfortable. It has short sleeves, a crew neck and is a standard cut to flatter every body type. This cute t-shirt can be paired with jeans, shorts or even a skirt. The versatility of the subtly stated t-shirt is nearly endless!

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Handmade Leather Art Journal with Unlined Paper

Each of these gorgeous journals is handmade, making it a unique and distinct piece. It is perfectly sized to tuck inside a purse or backpack. It contains thick, premium quality paper for use with many mediums. It could be used to write poetry, sketch new ideas, paint the surrounding scenery or to simply journal about the day. With so many great uses, it is the perfect gift for any artist. The journal comes in a gift box and includes a pen.

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Vibrant Color Wheel Pendant with Necklace

Anyone who loves art will love this pendant! The stunning color wheel on the pendant contains twelve different colors. Each of those colors is painted in six different hues. The lighter colors are toward the middle, creating a burst of color at the edges. With so much color, it is just gorgeous! The pendant is silver plated, one inch around and includes a 24” chain. It also comes in an organza gift bag to make gift giving even easier.

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Pantone Space-Saving Ottoman with Storage

This fantastic storage ottoman comes in five great color hues from Pantone. It is the perfect gift for artists with colors to compliment or contrast any decor. It is most certainly a statement piece with its bold color and sturdy frame. It can be used as a foot rest or as a stool, holding up to 200 pounds. It is shipped flat but pops together without any tools. The center is perfect for holding art supplies, books or projects in progress.

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Hardbound Magnetic Notebook for Creative Paper Flow

This just may be the perfect notebook! The pages are hardbound by a magnetic strip. This makes it super easy to take a page out and relocate it somewhere else in the notebook. There will be no more need for arrows and notes referring to other pages. This is perfect for a writer who is trying to layout the flow of a new book. It is also perfect for the artist trying to organize their art journal. It contains fifty-five sheets of paper.

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Artists: Their Lives and Works, Hardcover Book

This sensational full-color book celebrates the lives and masterpieces of more than eighty artists. Get to know the artists on a more personal level with information about their influences, relationships and even their rivalries. This book also dives into the stories behind their masterpieces, including important historical context in which they worked. Notably, there is also a showcase of each artist with some of their most fascinating works as well as pictures of them creating works inside their own studios.

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Stud Earrings with Original Watercolor Artwork

These gorgeous earring sets are perfect gifts for artists of all ages! They are stunning in pretty shades of pink. They include original watercolor artwork on a 12mm push back earring setting. The setting is plated with sterling silver, giving it a high quality shine. They are also coated in a special resin so that the earrings are water resistant. Included with the purchase is an attractive branded box so that they are ready to be wrapped as a gift.

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Multi-Sectioned Artist Tool Case

Perfect for storing pencils, markers, crayons and other tools of the trade, this is the perfect artist tool case! It zips closed to protect the tools but also to make it perfect for on-the-go. There are multiple compartments with elastic straps to hold each item in place. These make it easy to organize tools rather than having them all in one pile. It can hold up to 136 gel pens or 202 colored pencils! The cover is made of durable polyester.

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Beautiful Wood Box with Deluxe Art Kit

This amazing set has everything that is needed to start drawing and painting! In this sleek wooden case there are colored pencils, oil pastels, crayons, watercolor cakes, drawing pencils and a brush set. There are also two different sketch pads and a watercolor pad in addition to a few extra tools such as a paint palette, a sharpener, an eraser and a ruler. To make choosing colors easier, there is also a color wheel provided. This is the perfect all-inclusive starter set!

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Color Your Own Awesome Backpack

This backpack makes an awesome gift, especially for younger artists. Made from a durable material that absorbs permanent ink, it is a blank canvas just waiting for fun doodles, serious artwork or signatures from friends. It would be perfect for capturing friends’ messages at camp! The options are just limitless in what can be created. It comes with three non-toxic markers, but you can use any permanent markers or alcohol-based inks and paints. This awesome backpack is tear-proof and water-resistant.

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Colored Pencil Set with Stylish Storage Roll

Style and function go hand-in-hand with this awesome colored pencil roll! It comes complete with seventy-two colored pencils, all in different colors. It also has an eraser, pencil sharpener and a pencil extender. The colored pencils all come pre-sharpened and are also marked with their color so they are easy to identify. Each is held in place within the roll with an elastic strap. The colorful canvas rolls and ties closed with the attached straps so it can easily be taken anywhere.

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Paint Markers with Real Brush Tips

This amazing set of brush tip paint markers come with forty-eight different colors! Because these contain paint instead of ink, the colors are truly rich. The tips contain nylon brush hairs allowing for easy painting, coloring and sketching. One of the most intriguing uses for these markers is that they can be dipped into water to create a watercolor effect. The brush tip can be used to make thick, bold lines or thin, precise lines. They are also perfect for calligraphy!

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Water Bottle with Frida Kahlo Portrait

This stylish water bottle contains the portrait of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. She is known for her self-portraits which exhibited both passion and pain, often with bold and vibrant color. She is celebrated by feminists for depicting not only the female form, but also the female experience, in her art. The Frida Kahlo bottle is light-weight, includes a carabiner and holds twenty ounces of either hot or cold liquid. This is the perfect gift for the artist in your life!

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Portable French Style Wooden Art Easel

This portable wooden easel is simply gorgeous with its hand-oiled, walnut color. It contains several drawers for storing everything an artist needs to create their masterpiece. It has a large storage compartment with three smaller sections and two brush compartments. With its telescoping handle and wheels, it is the perfect studio for traveling! When not in use, it folds up neatly and can be stored away. Anyone who loves to paint scenery and landscapes would absolutely love this unique gift!

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1,000 Color Hues Jigsaw Puzzle

This is not your ordinary jigsaw puzzle! Each of the one-thousand pieces is made from a different color hue. This makes it quite a challenging puzzle since you cannot rely on a pattern that crosses over pieces. The designer, Parisian artist Clemens Habicht, tells us to rely on our intuitive sense of color to complete the puzzle. Some may find it relaxing. Some may find it a bit stimulating. All will appreciate the beauty in the one-thousand different color hues.

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Be Mindful with the Original Buddha Board

A great way to learn about letting go of trivial things and moving forward in life is to use the Original Buddha Board. It comes with a stand and a bamboo brush. Simply dip the brush into water and draw anything that you want to let go of on the Buddha Board. You can practice mindfulness as you draw by taking time to appreciate it before the water evaporates and it disappears, leaving a fresh blank slate to begin anew.

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Vinyl Wall Decal of Banksy’s Escapism

This beautiful wall decal of a young girl flying upward by holding on to a bunch a balloons represents Banksy’s work. Banksy is an anonymous street artist from England who is known for graffiti often depicting satire. The vinyl decal comes in three different sizes and twenty-four different colors. The vinyl is made specifically for indoor use. It has a beautiful matte finish that does not reflect light, giving it a sleek and distinguished look. Simple directions for application are included.

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12-Piece Miniature Paint Brush Set

Painters will love this set of miniature brushes! They can be used with watercolors, oils or acrylics. Their versatility makes them the perfect gift for artists! They can be used for fine detail work, including small dot work for pointillism. The brushes are ergonomically designed for comfort with a triangular design on the handle. The bristles are double crimped, after being placed by hand, to reduce the chance of having loose bristles. The set comes with a free portable plastic container.

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Painting Masterpieces Collection on Women’s Socks

Wear famous artist’s masterpieces on your feet! These gorgeous socks are made from a cotton blend and are machine washable. The design is woven into the sock, rather than printed on the sock, for lasting color. The set includes four pairs of socks to fit women’s sizes five through nine. The four masterpieces included are The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, The Scream by Edvard Munch and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

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Unique Origami Animal Pendants with Necklace

If you are looking for unique gifts for artists, then look no further! These adorable origami necklaces have an artistic style that is notably one-of-a-kind. Modern day jewelry meets the ancient Japanese art of paper folding with these pendants. Made with sterling silver, the adorable origami-inspired animals also come with an 18” necklace. With eight animals available, you will be sure to find the perfect one for your favorite artist. Choose from penguin, cat, elephant, dog, fox, turtle or crane.

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Novelty Key Chain Featuring Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a famous Spanish artist known for his work in surrealism in the 1920’s and 1930’s. He is best recognized by his sleek, long mustache which is perfectly depicted on the figurine on this key chain. This is definitely a unique gift that art enthusiasts would enjoy. If desired, this item can be ordered with an attractive gift box which also includes a card with the name, Salvador Dali, along with the years of his birth and death.

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Extraordinarily Large Hardcover Sketch Book

This sketch book has a gorgeous, textured black cover. It looks sleek and professional. What catches most people’s attention about it? It’s size! It contains 300 sheets of 12.5” by 10.75” sized paper. The paper is acid-free, bright white in color and is a heavy weight for use with different mediums. It is great for drawing, painting, pastels, or charcoal. It is also a great backdrop for collecting smaller pieces of art or for making collages of your favorite things.

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Small Leather Case for Artist’s Tools

This little leather case is one of our favorite gifts for artists because it has so many personalization options! It comes in seventy-two colors and is made from high-quality Italian leather. It has either a gold or silver metal zipper and is lined with a waterproof lining. These can be engraved with someone’s name or initials. There are also a few other images to choose from. The artist can also use fire-branding, with a choice of six different colors.

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29 Imaginative Gifts for Artists That Will Leave Them in Awe

Finding the perfect gifts for artists is so easy with these unique ideas. From the personalized fire-branded tool case to the rolling portable easel, these gifts are genuinely one-of-a-kind. Your artist friends will absolutely love that they can truly express their artistic flair with gifts such as the Frida Kahlo water bottle or the Salvador Dali keychain. From gorgeous jewelry such as the paint palette pendant and color wheel pendant to stylish home décor such as the storage ottoman, these gifts for artists definitely allow for your artist friends to truly express their talents in many ways.

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